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    TSS Worldwide Money Transfer, located in Pendle Hill, NSW, is a leading provider of alternative
    financial services. We provide express worldwide money transfers and foriegn exchange services.

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Why Choosing TSS Worldwide Money Transfer

Your destination for all money transfer needs

About TSS Worldwide Money Transfer

Started in 2005, TSS Worldwide Money Transfer provides money transfer and foreign exchange services. We are Australia’s leading provider of alternative financial products and services. At TSS, receiving and transferring money is quick, easy and convenient. Our friendly, hardworking and knowledgeable team of associates are dedicated to making your experience a positive one.

TSS Worldwide Money Transfer offers a secure and easy solution for your international money transfer needs. International money transfers with TSS Worldwide Money Transfer are fast and will save you money.

Secure, Accurate & Compliant

All our transactions are secure, accurate and comply to the most stringent Australian Government rules.

Easy Online Remit Form

Convenient Worldwide Locations

TSS boasts of a wide network around the globe which will help you send or recieve money faster than ever before. Experience Us!

Responsible Customer Service

We take customer support seriously. Provide your feedback here and we will get look into the same and get back.



We are proud to announce that we are now authorized agent of Sampath Bank, Nations Trust Bank and Commercial Bank, SriLanka.

Our Features


Best Foreign Exchange Rates

TSS Money boasts of the best foreign exchange rates in the country.


Excellent Support

We pride on good support. We are there for you no matter what.


Connect to your near & dear

Send a personalised message to your dear ones. Be there for them when it matters.

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